Thursday, May 19, 2011

to travel for work or not

So as the days go on new opertunitys arise every day to work and make more money. lately i have been offered a job to travel to kodiak alaska to make twice as much money as i have ever made in my life. The thing is Alaska is spread so thin that the most densly populated area (anchorage) is no bigger than the average size suburban town in rural california, note i said rural.. Any how i currently live in soldotna which is on the south peninsula of kenai and close to the river and the ocean, the position is in kodiak on a small island south of here. The delema would be that i would need to travel there and stay there for a month and then come home for a few weeks and then go back. granted the money makes ya think about doing it but then that time away from my wife and kids sends a gut wrenching pain in the bottom of your stomach (know what i meen).

So here i go on contemplating weather to do this or not. Trust me its not easy cuz just about any work out here that pays what im used to will require me to be on the slope for two weeks and then home for two weeks.. so I think I will let the wife choose this one. after all she would be the one hit hardest from the whole ordeal.

so i said i would post pics and dam its so hard to get things up on here cuz i dont quite know how to work it and never spend time messing with it.. so ill try now and pull them from my photo bucket....
This is what i did before i came to alaska. Built this for Ryan Kado of sacramento california
this is out front of my place
And out back. you can see we started clearing out the trees to build the jib park.
the trees go all the way to the kenai river, if i liked fishing this would be amazing, but since i dont really care then well ya its just their haha.
driving into soldotna, it dosent look like much cuz everything is spread so far apart.
its funny theres supposedly 7k people in soldotna but you wouldnt be able to tell just by looking at it.

well thats all for now. ill try and post some day night pictures for you guys to see what its like at 11 pm and 11am and how there exactly the same lol.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Meihan Residents - TEAM BURST and Friends :: INERTIA-MS.COM ::

So im in alaska and this is supposed to be the time for new adventures.. So why do i still want to go back to building cars?

This all came about when the wife walked into the room today and asked me so were up here dose this mean your going to give up the whole drifting thing and cars and crap? the only think i could think of was this

Sunday, May 15, 2011

portlant to seatle, seatle to anchorage.

so the last post was about the things that happen while we were on the plane from sacramento to portland. this is about the flight from portland to seatle, and you will never guess who we sat with on the plane. The one and only Tone Loke ya knwo the guy that sings the wild thing and other old school hip hop songs. dude was super cool and so funny to see hanging out with my kids. anyways so we arive into seatle and we have to get from one side of seatle airport to the other and that requires you to take a subway. So we hop on the subaway and go accross the airport and get up to the terminals and realize our plane is set to depart in les than five min. so we grab our shit and the boys and jam as fast as we can accross the air port just in time to catch the plane. kinda funny cuz when we reach the gate the guy asks us if were the shans, so we get on the plain and here we are.

Ugh so a full day of flying and we finally make it to alaska. the 18 hours of sun light is crazy cuz at midnight i was still ready to do shit and the sun was still going strong..
we took some photos and as soon as i load them on the computer ill post them up so people can see what its like in the middle of the summer here (little secret, it looks like the winter in everywhere els lol)

So thats all for now and well be back with some photos and updates of day to day life

Saturday, May 14, 2011


so the flight from sacramento to portlans was crazy i think Karen had a harder time with it than the kids did. but they for sure dont like setting in one place longer than ten min lol...  Never the less we got here ok and got some cool storys from a lt cornal from the united states army that is on his way home from his 5th deployment to Iraq.

The storys from him made the flight go by fast, and it was cool to hear from the people that are over there exactly whats going on and how they feel about whats going on in the government, that said seems like no one in the armed forces cares to much for any kind of political anything. i guess it goes with the job.. anyways were departing from oregon to washington state in ten min and i hope i have some more cool things to share from that trip (and hopefully the kids behave)

Friday, May 13, 2011

destination alaska

So leaving tom on a jet plane to alaska from sacramento. hope this life adventure is as awesome as i think it is in my head lol..