Saturday, May 14, 2011


so the flight from sacramento to portlans was crazy i think Karen had a harder time with it than the kids did. but they for sure dont like setting in one place longer than ten min lol...  Never the less we got here ok and got some cool storys from a lt cornal from the united states army that is on his way home from his 5th deployment to Iraq.

The storys from him made the flight go by fast, and it was cool to hear from the people that are over there exactly whats going on and how they feel about whats going on in the government, that said seems like no one in the armed forces cares to much for any kind of political anything. i guess it goes with the job.. anyways were departing from oregon to washington state in ten min and i hope i have some more cool things to share from that trip (and hopefully the kids behave)

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