Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the start of the new

god its good to feal the warth of the sun without the cold of the arctic wind. vegas is like always amazing, and the start of formula drift season is right around the corner. So quick update as to whats going on. We have gotten settled into the new house and trying to work out all the kinks of the work grind and everything els, working all day at a repair shop and most nights at dds performance with kyle and dave, who are some of the most honest and straight up guys i have ever come accross in the industry.. so there it is, in the shop we have the retaks s13 formula drift car along with some crazy super fast evo's and of course danny george's ls1 powered mazda miata which is insane fast and has crazy angle..... so there we are and now we need to wrap up i got the day off with the boys and am amout to embark on a mega man bike ride full of drift car noises and skidding big wheels and all the other hoonigan stuff!!

holla at me if your in the area or stop by the dds shop and say hi!! 
see you all at formula drift !

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